Cheyenne Power Unit 2 Tattoo Power Supply – Double Output for up to Two Machines

Use the Cheyenne Power Unit 2 to start up your Cheyenne Hawk machine reliably and with ease. While other standard power supplies may require the Start-Up Facility Cord, the PU2 has a built-in starter cable chip that makes it possible to get your Hawk machine running at 4-6V. The stroke frequency can be easily adjusted and regulated with this power supply during the working process, between 60 to 160 strokes per second. The digital, touch-screen front and its compact size makes the PU2 ideal for travel, storage, and an overall hygienic tattooing process. The Cheyenne PU2 comes with two outputs for up to two tattoo machines. Your purchase includes a wall power adapter cord.


  • Two outputs for up to two Hawk machines or any standard rotary or coil tattoo machines
  • Touch screen front; digital display
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Easy regulation of stroke frequency between 60 – 160 strokes
  • Built-in jump-start chip/integrated board
  • Wall power adapter cord included; check out for the Footswitch sold separately here
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

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Cheyenne Power Supply Unit II (Made in Germany)