WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++ helps achieve a fairerbrighter and a more even-toned skin through effectively avoiding melanin over-production (the pigment responsible for skin colour) and anti-sun action.


WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++ helps achieve fairer, brighter and more even-toned skin

✅  Powered with Saffron, Mulberry & Liquorice Extracts, Shea Butter, Arbutin, and Kojic Acid; its clinically proven bioactives help slow down melanin production at an enzyme level, lighten the age spots & pigmentation.

✅  SPF20 and PA++ help shield the skin from UVA & UVB rays of the sun.It is available in 2 sizes – 50 mL (airless vacuum pump jar) & 100 mL (pump bottle).

✅  While pump technology in both the sizes does away with the need to scoop out the cream using fingers to keep the cream hygienic and contamination-free, the airless jar has the advantage of advanced vacuum-based pump action that keeps the cream totally safe from air exposure.


Formulated to deliver an even-toned complexion & longer-lasting anti-sun protection:


✅  Helps achieve a fairer-looking skin, evens out complexion, fades age spots, delays ageing signs, and saves from sun damage.

✅  Key active ingredients include Saffron, Mulberry & Liquorice Extracts, Shea Butter, Arbutin and Kojic Acid.

✅  Available in 2 sizes – 50 mL airless vacuum pump jar (First ever fairness cream in India to be packaged in an airless technology jar with an advance vacuum-based pump action)& 100 mL pump bottle.

✅  Suits all skin types. Contains no harmful sulphates, parabens or mineral oils.


Key Ingredients


Saffron Extract – Lightens pigmentation.

Mulberry Extract – Inhibits melanin production

Liquorice Extract – Protects from sun’s UV rays

Shea Butter – Reverses signs of ageing

Arbutin – Inhibits melanin synthesis

Kojic Acid – Lightens skin tone


How to use WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++


First deep-cleanse your face and neck. Pump out a controlled dosage of the cream and place it on your palm.Using fingers, dot all over your face and neck. Massage it on in upward circular motions. For best results, apply twice daily – after your morning bath and before going to bed.

For best results use the WOW Skin Science Activated Charcoal Face Wash before you apply the Fairness Cream which will help cleanse the dirt & pollution from your face.



How does this cream help create a fairer skin?

The dark complexion of the skin results from a pigment called melanin produced by the skin cells called melanocytes. Exposure to sunlight stimulates melanocytes to produce extra melanin (the reason for suntan). If melanin level is reduced in the skin, it would help make the skin fairer. WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++ does just that; its clinically proven bio actives naturally slow down melanin production at an enzyme level, lighten the pigmentation and shield the skin from the sun to bring you a fairer and younger-looking skin.


Why does my skin need protection from sunlight to look fairer?

Sunlight makes the skin produce more melanin, and more melanin means darker complexion. Sunrays also have harmful ultraviolet radiations (UVA & UVB). When these rays fall on the skin and get absorbed into it, skin damages occur in the form of sunburns, tan, pigmentation, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles etc. WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++ helps save the skin from tanning and other sun damages for a healthier, fairer complexion.


What do SPF 20 and PA++ mean?

SPF - a short form for Sun Protection Factor – signifies protection against UVB rays from the sun, while PA++ signifies protection against UVA rays.

How does an airless technology jar make this cream more effective?

WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++ is packaged in an airless technology jar - the first ever in India, for fairness creams. Its advanced vacuum-based pump action keeps the cream protected from air exposure to maintain the potency of key actives. Every pumping press delivers a limited quantity of cream for application, keeping the rest unexposed and effective.


Does this product work for all skin types? Specifically, does it work on sensitive skin?

WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++ is carefully formulated to suit all skin types including sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. However, we recommend a skin patch test if you suffer from frequent allergies.


Does this product contain any chemicals that could harm my skin?

No, WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream SPF 20 PA++totally free of harmful parabens, and mineral oils to ensure your skin touches nothing even remotely harmful. It is 100% vegan/vegetarian and cruelty-free.

Can men use this fairness cream? Or is it a women-only product?

This product works for both men and women.


Caution: This cream is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on injured/irritated skin. Conduct a small skin patch test before first use. Do not use if irritation develops.


Note: The actual results may vary from user to user due to differences in skin types. Also, results do not come overnight. One has to follow a committed regimen of skin care and regular usage as advised to get visible results.


WOW Skin Science Fairness Cream - SPF 20 PA++ - 50 ml