WOW Skin Science Flawless Whitening Pearl Serum is powered with matte white pearls composed of Solawhite Glycofilm®, calcium alginate and titanium dioxide suspended in SolaGel®; a light and non sticky gel(imported from France), patented and proven for skin lightening, anti-hyper pigmentation and anti-aging effects.


WOW Skin Science Flawless Whitening Pearl Serum for Skin Lightening & Fairness.

✅  On application and light massage, these pearls meltdown right on your skin and release the serum.

✅  The serum then merges with the gel to gently penetrate and lighten the complexion by limiting the absorption of UV rays and minimizing free radical damages to help make the skin fairer, younger and more even-toned.


Formulated to deliver skin lightening & fairness effects:


✅  Gives the skin a lightening effect with clinically proven and patented skin whitening SOLAWHITE GLYCOFILM®, a technology from France.

✅  Composed of matte white pearl beads made of SOLAWHITE GLYCOFILM®, Calcium Alginate & Plant Propanediol; suspended in SOLAGEL®

✅  Preventive and curative fairness & anti-hyperpigmentation action that helps lighten the complexion and fade the spots by protecting the skin from darkening UV rays and damaging free radicals

✅  Added advantage of anti-aging & smoothening effects for a youthful appearance

✅  Suits all skin types, contains no harmful parabens or mineral oils

WOW Skin Science Flawless Whitening Pearl Serum - 30 ml